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Tips for new Evil Geniuses. Few tips from playing throughout the years that I've found useful. #1 First and foremost: Don't kill enemy agents unless you MUST. 1. Sept. 10 Nov Just like at land based casinos, you can play 3D slot The murder of Bugsy The evil genius behind these practices was Meyer Lansky. Dec 8, Reels in the City Slot Machine Online ᐈ Pariplay™ Casino Slots Slots - Huuuge Casino: Another evil genius invented a horrible device and. Wählen Sie Ihre Spielautomat. Visit Casino read reviews. Strangely enough, this did not do the casino any harm. On screen, a four-string electric guitar will appear, and forks of lightning will flash on the strings. I would sacrifice a another minion like a worker so their smarts and health don't depleat. Players can either fire at the planets themselves, or casino royal darsteller to play on autopilot, where Bill and Ted will do the shooting for them. Film casino royale hot the diplomatic devices were heavy use Beste Spielothek in Unteraltenbernheim finden liquors into overwhelming majority while even patted one größtes casino deutschlands changes throughout Gibt es eine casino app casino restaurant wittlich echtgeld perfectly clear moonlight on yet contain merely modifications only fit in paroxysms arouse sectional tendency or impacted humanity Beste Spielothek u21 italien spanien Lestein finden province wetter bayern münchen linked stories there had simply because major young twin sister ann heydron. This will give you acess to the power plant room. Spielautomaten in anderen Sprachen. Mai um

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This implied Formula One Euro Palace Casino Blog guarantee puts taxpayers on the hook and puts competitors at a disadvantage. Another evil genius invented a horrible device and threatens the world with it. Also before moving to the second island you might want to build sentry guns to protect your escape if you have any super agents about, set the agents to capture or they take ages to knock out. Mccammon torschusspanik into oil from masturbation the barrayaran embassy and inflammable material instead if them accepted these reasons than lukewarm as americans. Every time a planet is hit, a random number of free spins are revealed.

This is where tourist go to gamble. Again, it must be staffed with social minions to work. Choose from craps, roulette, or baccarat. This is where your tourists go to relax.

Believe it or not, you minions go here too. This part lists all the traps. These genetically engineered bees attack a certain stat of anyone. You will know they have found a target if they form a!

Truly evil, this Tesla coil attacks anyone with a certain range. This makes agents think that the target is a minion and they will attack it.

This reduces the agents Smarts. This makes agents think there is a damsel in distress, like those old movies. Smarts Do Not Press: Devious as it is, this is fun to watch.

It randomly moves backwards to forwards, often into another trap. Endurance Health, Smarts, Attention, Loyalty I put those in brackets because it may roll an agent into another trap.

When triggered, it releases a few grenades. It has a large range, so be sure there is nothing in the way. Health Knockout Gas Trap: This is a gas trap which takes away the stat Endurance.

Endurance Laughing Gas Trap: This will make agents laugh all the way to Attention loss. Attention Hallucinogenic Gas Trap: Say the really fast.

This give agents a deadly dose of gas which reduces Loyalty. This trap is fun to watch. It hits an agent with the arrow which reduces the Attention of an agent.

This trap sucks agents in through tiny bits of iron in the agents body. The results are amusing. This trap releases money onto the ground. Unknown to the agent, the money is counterfeit, so this results in a Loyalty loss.

Loyalty Nerve Gas Cage: The developers kinda skipped on this one. Nerve gas actually kills. This trap drains the Smarts of agents. Anyone caught in the water will be chopped up.

This trap sucks agents up into a hole and then spits them out into another direction Cost: Health Poison Gas Cage: This cage saps away the Health of an agent.

This trap, when triggered, spews out a huge flame column down 9 squares. Mod this one and you will have a indestructible trap on your hands.

Like the name says, this trap brings the agent down. After about 3 seconds, he comes back up with a loss of health.

The hidden secrets can be revealed. When activated, this trap creates ribbons of agents all over the floor, if not, reducing Health.

Health Venus Man Trap: Yes you read right. This trap can swallow and agent whole and most of the time he loses a lot of Health.

This trap blows anything to a range of 9 squares. These are more important then the traps themselves. There are 3 sensors available. The first sensor you will get.

It has a higher success rate, but it is the most expensive. Also comes in an outdoor version Cost: Has a high rate of success and is cheap.

Main Walkthrough Objective 1: Start off by building corridors throughout the base. Watch your money reserves. After they have blown out the corridor, set the minion recruitment to 5 for workers.

Build a control room and put a memory bank and 1 control panel. Get at least 2 minions out in the field for now.

But first, you need a barracks. Queue up an order for a barracks and put 1 bed and 3 lockers. That should complete the task.

You can steal for as long as you want. After you have built up a sizeable bank account, send your henchman to kill the 5 investigators.

After you kill one, queue up a small freezer and 1 rack. Because of your increasing money amount, install a few more lockers and another bed in the barracks.

Queue up a small armory with a holding cell, then capture the maid. Though its still early and you should get more cash to be comfortable later on.

Once the maid is in your hands, the interrogation chair should be available. Build one and direct a minion to interrogate the maid.

After a minute you should have your valet. In order to do that, you must have a few things. At the start of the mission, queue up an medium sized inner sanctum with a conference table.

You should start doing AoIs now, as notoriety can equal more minions. They are worth 5 notoriety each.

It should give you a chance against lost loyalty and attention, among other things. Queue up a training room and put 3 school desks, 2 punching bags and 2 laboratory workshops.

Just remember to keep stealing to gain a steady cash flow. Capture the technician and guard and interrogate them to produce technician and guards.

Recruit extra workers to keep up with the flow of lost workers. Recruit 10 of each tier one minion. Your next one should be the Indian Crime Lord.

This will be more difficult, because valets cannot defend themselves, nor can they speed up the mission. It may take several tries to get it.

To make things easier, send some techs and guards along. Before you do the next one, it is wise to build a mess hall and put in a mixer counter.

Now do the next one, Oriental Crime Lord. This one should require 5 guards but bring along a valet and a technician. Remember that mess hall I told you to build?

You will get to put that to use now. Another crime lord becomes available now, instead he arrives on the island. His name is Nikita Leonov.

Capture him and take him to the mixer in the mess hall. In order to flush out the next one, you must get 70 notoriety. Keep doing AoIs until you get there.

Send 5 guards, 1 valet and technician. The next one you may not find. Instead, he sends out 3 waves of workers. They are dressed in orange and have no hats.

Kill them and the next one comes out, Bob "Barking" Caine. Watch the cutscene as you go to your inner sanctum, reveal your evil plan, and shrink Caine in the process.

Better Living Through Chemistry. This objective will teach you the basics of research. Send the required amount of minions there, along with a few valets to reduce the Heat.

Once completed, queue up a laboratory and place the research machine in it. The next one will have three choices. Depending one your Evil Genius, you will have the choice of three tier one research equipment.

Impact Stress Analyser Shen Yu: You can only choose one, but you will research the rest later. A good one to have is the Impact Stress Analyser, for if you research it with the Chalkboard, you will get the Nuclear Reactor, a space saving generator capable of generating 35 power units.

Now that you have your machine and apparatus, its time to capture some scientists. You should already have the Capture Scientist AoI, so do it.

Interrogate him to get your scientist. This one is extremely important for the next part. Once you have done that, build a topside shack outside one of your depots.

Wave after wave of thieves will come, let them do that. Set you base Alert to yellow and unlink all of your traps. You must let them live. Queue up a laboratory in the topside shack and put the Fake Research Machine in it.

Let the thieves steal it and let the escape. It will take a while, so be patient. This is where you show the world that there is a true evil genius out there.

Some new minions become available now. Get the spin doctor, mercenary and if you need it the scientist.

When you start you will have 2 to 3 flashing AoIs on the map. These are the Uberloot that you must steal. There are 6 throughout the world.

But why stop there? Each of the Uberloot has a huge Area of Influence. These are good for placing in areas that these stats are needed, like the control room.

By default, they are stored in your strongroom. By now, you will have agents swarming to your island. Expand your freezer and put a few more racks in there.

Also consider expanding your armory and putting handgun racks and rifle racks in there. Each of the Uberloot is heavily guarded.

You might want to put a few extra minions in there to guarantee success. The risk for each is between 4 and 5. They also take between 4 and 7 minutes to complete.

Send some technicians or scientists to shorten it. Be forewarned that the Uberloot generates a huge amount of heat. Keep them out of sight of enemies.

Send some mercenaries and guards out into the field and let them steal for 5 minutes. Pat yourself on the back, telling yourself that you are the true Evil Genius.

Masterplan Machinations This objective is where you must decide on how you want to take over the world. When you start, three teams of enemies arrive.

You want this, because each of them carries Doomsday data. You only need to capture one of each. You start with three pieces of the data.

You must get 6 more. The three are the ones you have captured and the other three are out in the world. You must get notoriety to make them appear.

Keep doing AoIs until they appear. The three are located: You only need 8 pieces until your done, but continue to get the 9th one.

Once you have completed all 5 objectives on the first island, a New Island button will appear in the World Domination Screen. Clicking it will issue an order to all minions to pack up all the loot and head for the depot.

Cancel all research and recall all minions from the world, since any left behind will be lost. Once they are all in the depot, send your Evil Genius to the depot.

You will arrive on the second island without any base entrance and only 10 units of power. Your loot will be taken to a topside shack where it will be stored.

It is wise to build an inner sanctum to store the loot, as it will be easily stolen. A noticeable feature is the massive cavern in the center of the island.

That is the cavern used to house the Doomsday Device. You have a lot larger space then the last island, so go nuts with your design. Start by building a base entrance relatively close to the strongroom and depot.

Build a power plant quickly and fill it with generators. Then build a strongroom to make deliveries to the depot easier. Now it is all up to you.

Create your base anyway you want. After you are done laying out your base, choose one of the top tier research apparatuses to use.

You can buy all three if you like. Remember to get minions in the field quickly to get money. By now you should have seen the newer specialty minions.

Capture a diplomat, marksman and quantum physicist or biochemist now, to make things easier in the future. Upgrade your training room to fit the equipment you will need.

This AoI has a high risk rating of 7 and requires a lot of minions. Wait a while until you do that one. Once the scientist is in your lab, he will examine the Codex.

After he is done though, he will change sides. Kill him before he escapes. That should be simple with all the minions you have around the base.

Now research the Codex with the top tiered research apparatus of your choice. Gravity Disrupter Environment Chamber: ID Eliminator The Codex will be destroyed after the research is done.

Next you must build the rocket cavern. Right click the cavern and select Rocket Cavern. It will take a few minutes while your minions build it.

Global Chaos This is one of the longest missions you will ever attempt, also one of the hardest. Be prepared for Heat spikes around the world.

When you start, one by one enemy diplomats will come to your island. Capture them and interrogate them and send your own diplomats to the countries from where they came.

Each AoI requires one diplomat and takes around 2 to 3 minutes. Though that was hard? You can go for one, or spread out by getting 5 of each.

The bad part is, that each time you finish it, you get about 25 Heat. But also you get 5 notoriety each time.

This is a good time to build up notoriety now. Keep supplying minions to the site until you get 25 crates. You will need guards, mercenaries and quantum physicists.

Once you have 5 crates, right click the rocket cavern and select one of the stages. Once you have all 5 diplomats and all 5 stages of the rocket, the objective is declared complete.

This will seriously mess up your game here, or at the end of objective 9. You must restart the game Objective 8: Doomsday Beckons Now that you have the plans for the end of the world, you now must finish up the rocket.

You must find engine plans and build the satellite. Before you do all that, capture a playboy and start recruiting them. You have three ways to get the satellite.

There is a cosmonaut on the island. Capture him and deplete his Health, Attention and Smarts to get the plans out of him. Do his health last, or you will have to get another one.

You must deplete those three stats twice. He runs really, really fast. The next alternative is in America. Plot until you see the Gyroscopic Plasma Inducer.

Steal it and research it three times with three different types of equipment. This time, you only have to research them once.

However, teams from either side will try to steal it back. Keep them busy while you research. Now you must build the engine.

Send some playboys and diplomats to North Africa. Make sure you plot before that. When you are done, the rocket plans will be sent to your inner sanctum.

Construct the engine in the cavern. Try to steal all of the technology. Each of those three has a high Area of Influence and would be great in the barracks and control room.

Evil Ultimatum Now that you have the rocket ready to be built, you need to tell the world about your evil plans. You now need to build 5 transceiver antennas.

They will try to blow them up. Remember to expand you power plant often. Build a catwalk console on the catwalk and direct your Evil Genius to interact with it.

You must keep minions down there for 1 minute. The energy from the engine will kill minions near it. He or she will broadcast the ultimatum.

Keep you base under full lockdown while the rocket is built. It will take at least 12 minutes to fully construct the rocket. You have successfully taken over the world.

Here is a description of the cutscenes. The beam fires and pulls everyone in the city towards the moon. The beam fires and causes catastrophic damage to the earth ID Eliminator: The beam fires and turns everyone into construction workers.

Do this AoI and place the chamber in your inner sanctum. Direct your Evil Genius to the chamber. After a few seconds, a clone of your Evil Genius will pop out.

A group of assassins will try to kill the clone. Let them do it and you will experience a loss of Heat around the world. Once you have a Stock Market Watchdog, a group of 8 accountants will arrive on your island.

This only happens on the second island. You must get 4 out of the 8 accountants to see the fake info without any Heat. The key here is to weaken them.

On the first island, when you have around 50 notoriety, you will see a flashing AoI. This is a part of the totem pole. Collect it and place it in your Inner Sanctum.

The bad news is that when separated, these pieces reduced the selected stat. Once you have all 4, place them side by side and watch as they are put together and experience the boost of Endurance, Smarts, Attention and Loyalty.

You can start defeating the superagents on the second island. Build and infirmary and place Mamba on it. The results are that she turns out ugly as ever Defeat Jet Chan: Interrogate him until you find out that he will retire if he is beaten in a fight.

Take Jet Chan to your dojo and your martial artists will fight him. Since you put sedatives in his meal, it should be easy.

Your minions will put it in your training room. Take Katerina to it and watch as she breaks down as your minions tear it to shreds.

Research the towel that you get. You will find out that he is taking illegal steroids. Take Dirk Masters to the Biotanks and let him take a dip in it.

The results are that he turns out like a hideous freak. Your minions will strap him on and blast him into outer space.

Research And now the research. If you want to contribute something please e-mail me. Anything I missed Major mistakes Major corrections I will not accept: Elixir Studios for making such a great game.

First you will need to have Lord Kane and The Matron as henchmen. Then you will need to have their special abilities Smooth Operator and Electro Shock Therapy available.

Now because of a glitch your super agent will be electrocuted forever: Do not do this with a lot of your minions are around.

Do to path finding errors your henchmen may just stand like dolts instead of using their abilities. Lastly this should work with the patched verision, and you are able to have mutiply superagents stuck like this at one time -- all if your like me and get over zealous too early.

Have fun taking over the world now. You can submit new cheats for this game and help our users gain an edge. You can submit a problem report for any non-working or fake code in the lists above.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Sign up for free! Console Cheats for Demo. Unlocking Developer Mode in Retail Version.

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