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[OSRS] Monkey Madness 2 quest guide (high levels)

Climb down this ladder and follow the path to find the satchels. Return to the first ladder you encountered, climb up, and follow the path around until you reach another ladder.

Climb down this ladder and follow the path north, and you will eventually reach a barrel with the explosives.

Fill up all of your satchels before making your way to each of the locations where charges must be placed. Guards are all over the platform, and if you get caught by one, the guard will throw you out of the platform.

You may want to memorise the patrol patterns of the guards so you do not accidentally bump into one. One of the floorboards is immediately south of the ladder when you climb back up.

One of the pillars is back towards the start. Planting a satchel on a pillar along the way, go back to the dead end ladder on the ground floor and climb up.

Up again is to the two gas canisters in each direction , while the last floorboard is to the west across a vine swing and to the north.

Note that you can cross the middle of the first floor via a vine jump. Once you plant the last explosive, your character should acknowledge this.

Leaving this way at any point will not reset the explosives. If you forgot to bring a hammer and chisel, you can search the crates downstairs where you fight the gorillas until you find one of each.

There should be a passage to enter once you have crossed the monkey bars, in the room just past where Kruk was found. Walk through the big doors straight ahead, climb onto the stunted demonic gorilla , and climb down the stairs where three Tortured gorillas roam.

Glough will be in a cage, and orders you to send the three tormented gorillas back into their cage. Riding on your stunted demonic gorilla, attack all three tormented gorillas one at a time.

Use Protect from Melee to negate the damage they deal to you. When they reach low health, the gorillas will go back into the cage. Glough will now speak to you, claiming the last strain of mutagen was too unstable.

He then pulls a lever, activating a device that uses charged onyx gems to infuse power for his mutagens. He will then teleport out to find Le Smith.

Climb back up the stairs, unequip the greegree, and take the charged onyx out of the device at the north end of the room. Use the chisel and hammer to invert the flow of energy, creating a deconstructed onyx.

Place it back in the device, then investigate any one of the incubation chambers to confirm that energy has been drained from the incubator, successfully corrupting it.

He will tell you to report to Awowogei that the trolls and ogres have backed out of the alliance, and that the secret weapon has had some complications and is too unstable to use on the battlefield.

Frustrated, he cancels the assault on the mainland and strips you of your rank and duties, but this does not matter since the real Kruk is already dead.

Lastly, he will ask Uwogo to cancel all of his upcoming meetings, claiming he needs some time alone. Return to Garkor and inform him Awowogei has called off the attack.

Suddenly, the screen will shake and a cutscene will play, showing Glough has proceeded with his attack plans anyway on his airship.

He will recommend that you recruit Nieve , the highest-skilled warrior they have. Nieve can be found by the entrance to the Stronghold Slayer Cave.

Ask for her help in defending the Stronghold, and she will agree, having her cousin Steve take her place. By simply walking around the Stronghold with Nieve, tortured gorillas will appear.

They will only use melee attacks, so they can be safespotted using various trees and scenery in the Stronghold. Kill four of them, and return to the bank if necessary.

If Nieve disappears at any time, she will be outside the Grand Tree. If you cannot find her there, logging out and then logging back in will return her.

You can also hit the "Call follower" button in the bottom of the Worn Equipment interface. Go back and talk to the King. He will have the 10th Squad take care of the rest while you and Nieve head to the crash site and confront Glough should he still be alive.

After that, head north-west of the Grand Tree , and talk to Garkor. He is located by the swamp toad and king worm swamp and the tortoise enclosure. Go through the crash site and enter the Crash Site Cavern.

There are four more Tortured gorillas outside; players do not have to kill these, so pray magic or range and run past them. Prepare to fight two tortured and two demonic gorillas.

After walking through the cavern do not take the stairs, as it leads nowhere you will see Glough has survived the crash, and has brought his best experiments with him.

After the cutscene ends, the tortured gorillas will move in and attack; these are slightly stronger than the ones you fought outside and can use multiple Combat styles.

When you kill one of the tortured gorillas, a demonic gorilla will jump down into the fight. The demonic gorillas are far stronger, boasting more health and damage.

The demonic gorillas have all three attack styles. It is also possible to let Nieve kill all four gorillas for you.

Wait for her to start attacking one of the Gorillas then run out of the room and hide behind the pile of rocks. For the demonic gorillas, ensure that they are not using Protect from Melee ; if they are, keep attacking them with magic or range until they change prayers so Nieve can hit them.

Nieve will not attack the gorillas if you use "call follower"; it will take Nieve a bit of time to aggro the gorillas if you end the cutscene early—let the cutscene end to one of the gorillas attacking you.

If you are on a black demon slayer task, the demonic gorillas count as on task kills and a slayer helmet may be used. If you are having difficulty killing all the gorillas, simply kill both the tortured gorillas that appear; then, leave the room and hide in such a way that the demonic gorillas get stuck behind the wall.

You MUST tank a few hits from a gorilla in order for Nieve to attack as she will only attack the last monster you were in combat with.

Repeat these exact steps for the second demonic gorilla. If they are praying Protect from Melee, use ranged or magical attacks until they switch to Protect from Missiles or Magic , and then hide again.

Nieve will attempt to stop him, but gets knocked back to the wall, causing a boulder to fall and crush her, killing her instantly, and then retreating.

Players will now have to defeat Glough; it is recommended to return to a bank and restock on supplies, as the fight will prove to be challenging even to the most experienced player.

The player will need to fight Glough in three separate chambers, which he goes to when his health falls.

If the player leaves the chamber through teleportation , death or through the exit at any point during the fight with Glough , all progress is reset back to the first phase.

For this reason, it is suggested to read this entire section before proceeding. Like the demonic gorilla fight, this section is instanced, so do not bring items you do not want to lose.

In the first room, Glough attacks using Melee and can be attacked safely from the hallway using Ranged or Magic.

It is possible, but difficult, to safespot him by using a weapon that has an attack range of 10 squares In order of preference as they may be available: To do this, you will have to lure him to and then stand exactly one square out of his attack range, which is about halfway through the room where he went for the first phase, one square east of the first black rock on the southern wall.

It is suggested to activate Protect from Missiles as this reduces his damage a bit; but he can still hit up to 21 damage with each attack. Lure Glough out of the second room and back into the first, hugging the northern parts of the wall.

When you lure Glough far enough, he will not do anything, allowing you to easily hit him. In the third and final room, Glough will now be able to attack the player using both melee and magic attacks.

Protect from Melee is highly suggested if using melee equipment to attack him. Glough will only teleport you after he is damaged. Rings of recoil are suggested, especially if attempting to partially safespot him as detailed below.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep Auto-Retaliate disabled and only attack Glough when the player is not in danger of dying as you are unable to eat during, and shortly after being teleported.

However, it may be exploited to only allow for damage from his magic attack. To do this, use a strong ranged weapon such as the toxic blowpipe , stand one square west of Glough, and attack.

Whenever he teleports you to him using his magic attack, quickly return to the square just west of him and continue attacking him. Protect from Magic is highly recommended if using ranged or magic to kill Glough, as his teleport deals very high magic-based damage.

His damage seems to be roughly halved using the correct prayer. If using this strategy, it is advisable to bring combo foods e.

It is also possible, albeit difficult, to eat a karambwan, a high healing food and a potion all in one tick. Another technique to use is when Glough teleports you to him, Protect from Melee and use melee attacks.

When Glough pushes you away, Protect from Missiles and use ranged attacks. The toxic blowpipe and whip are great weapon choices. It is possible, but requires skill, timing and a good connection to kill him in his third phase without taking any damage at all with a 10 square-range weapon.

It is possible to partially safespot Glough on his final form, preferably with a dark bow because of its double attack. Interestingly, the Magic comp bow will also shoot twice if using this method 1 below ; the second time immediately after being teleported, even while spam clicking away from Glough.

Glough has an attack range of 11 squares and an aggression range seemingly between squares it is difficult to tell.

There are two ways to go about doing this. Either way, set up quick prayers for protection from Magic and Eagle Eye.

Start the battle by attacking Glough in his first room, then running out into the room you entered through. Protection prayers are not need for this stage of the fight as Glough only uses melee.

For the second phase, run in and attack Glough. He will attack with a range attack, but protection prayers do not affect this attack. Run back into the first room Glough was in and go behind the grey rock.

For the last phase, you must first run up to the grey rock in the passage near Glough. Be careful not to go past the rock. Turn them on, attack Glough, and right when you start the attack animation, spam click behind the grey rock on the Mini map.

Then move right behind the grey rock again, restore Hitpoints and Prayer if needed, and repeat until Glough is defeated. If you and Glough die at the same time, you will have to repeat the entire fight again.

Once Glough is defeated, the cavern will begin to collapse. You will explain that Glough has been defeated and that Nieve perished in the battle.

You will then be instructed to report back to King Narnode , and he will offer to teleport you to directly to the King. Report to King Narnode, telling him that Glough has been defeated and that his demonic creations have been trapped deep within the caverns.

He will then tell the player that he received a message that Awowogei himself wishes to visit the Stronghold and set up a peace treaty between Ape Atoll and the mainland.

He decides to accept this offer, and a cutscene will ensue where Awowogei will negotiate a peace treaty with King Narnode Shareen with you at witness to this moment of historic importance, opening up the gates to Marim to the mainland for all.

Old School RuneScape uses the British convention for floor numbering: Ground floor, first floor, etc. It briefly summarises the steps needed to complete the quest.

Completion of the following quests: You must have the requirements to start the quest. King Narnode Shareen needs your help.

King Narnode Shareen chathead. Chat head image of King Narnode Shareen x35px","image": Chat head image of Anita x35px","image": Chat head image of Assistant Lori x35px","image": Chat head image of Auguste x35px","image": Chat head image of Garkor x35px","image": Chat head image of Awowogei x35px","image": Chat head image of Nieve x35px","image": Chat head image of Kruk x35px","image": Chat head image of Kob x35px","image": Chat head image of Keef x35px","image": Assistant Le Smith chathead.

Chat head image of Assistant Le Smith x35px","image": Chat head image of Glough x35px","image": Inventory image of Handkerchief","image": Inventory image of Mysterious note","image": Inventory image of Book of spyology","image": With the Gnome Royal Seal in your inventory, head north of the landing spot and enter the shipyard from the Grand Tree quest.

You will need to show your Royal Seal to be able to enter. Caranock in his office hut, who will say that the fleet never made it there.

He will bring you to the hangar, and after he and Waydar speak for a bit, talk to Daero again. You will need to complete a puzzle to finish the process.

Search the crates nearby for some Spare Controls, which show you what the finished puzzle should look like.

Operate the Reinitialization Panel to the south of Daero to see the puzzle, which is un-arranged. You need to slide the puzzle pieces to make the scene shown in the Spare Controls.

Start from the top at the left and work your way down to the bottom row, going row per row. After that, you just need to move one piece to finish it.

After completing the puzzle, the room will shake and the gliders will unfold, talk to Daero and Waydar then go gear up because here is where it starts!

If at any time you wish to leave the hangar, you can do so by using the Gnome Teleport Device to the south in the hangar, you will be teleported close to the gnomeball field.

You will encounter many powerful monsters mostly monkeys that will pack a punch to low levels. These monsters will attack with either melee or range, so wear some good melee armour or at least the best melee armour you have.

Wearing either range or magic armour will mean that at one point you will have your weakness exploited, so avoid doing that if possible.

A ring of life may be useful here as well in case something goes awry. For more info about the area, check out the Ape Atoll Guide. Now talk to Lumdo there who at first refuses to help you.

Talk to Waydar , and he will convince him and bring you to Ape Atoll. Caranock arguing and plotting at the shipyard When both guards are at the north side of the room, pick the lock and hide to the west of the cell do not attack the posionous spider outside the cell.

When the guard is going to the other gorilla, run out the door behind him without being noticed. Once outside you head immediately to the north right into the tall grass and hide there.

Hiding in the grass works a lot better in low detail mode, some grass will not hide you in high detail mode. He is just barely north of the crafting shop.

You can see the crafting shop if you look east of the jail on your minimap. To get there go in between this building and the temple as shown on the map, not the other way!

Always move around the village and never through it! When you get there talk to Garkor , the squad leader, who needs you to rescue his three men and to talk to Zooknock about a disguise.

Now its time to get a few things before seeing the mage. Head to the Depot to the west and enter through the back door.

Go back upstairs to the Depot and walk over to the east side. Search the stack of two crates that is just inside the lightly shaded area of the floor, but be careful to search the crates from the darker part of the floor or you will be knocked unconscious by Ninja Monkeys and find yourself back in prison.

After you correctly search the crates you should find some Magical Monkey Dentures. Now teleport out of Ape Atoll and refill your supplies.

Get out of the house and RUN back towards the sergeant, then RUN past the graveyard, climb up the ladder and then jump off the ledge to find Lumdo.

For this part it is strongly advised to wear the gear suggested above. When you have everything, head back to Ape Atoll and enter the dungeon in the south of the jungle.

Hiding under the ledges when the screen shakes avoids the falling rocks but it is better to just take the damage and make a run for it. Have the Protect from Melee Prayer on all the time to protect you from the zombies and skeletons, this is a multi-combat zone so they will swarm you.

The spike traps in the ground are marked with 5 black dots on the floor, when you walk over them you will get damaged and poisoned.

Try to avoid them as much as possible. You will need to bring these to the Temple on Ape Atoll later on to make the Amulet. Head to the town the usual way by getting captured and then head to the temple.

You can also restore your prayer here at the big gorilla Marimba statues. The only spot where they can successfully trap you is at the stairs and the trapdoor.

If this happens go down or up and wait a while until the guards have resumed their normal pattern. Watch out for the zombie monkeys below.

As six or seven of these undead monkeys can attack one player at a time, they can drastically lower your life points even with prayer.

It is suggested you have a substantial amount of life points before entering the trapdoor. Now head to the Monkey Child in a Banana grove in the northwest of the city.

Speak to the Child when his aunt has walked just south out of the grove and is standing by the fence. Wait a few seconds or talk to him a few times to learn his Aunt has given him the toy.

You will then ask for and receive his new toy. Obtain a Monkey Corpse or Bones both will work from a Karamja Monkey on Karamja by killing it by either ranging, meleeing or maging it, and bring both the Corpse or Bones and Talisman to the Mage the same way as before.

You are also able to buy the bones. Always have one spot free in your inventory when wielding a monkey greegree. If you leave Ape Atoll and have no free spaces in your inventory, you will drop the greegree.

From now on, always stay in Monkey form on Ape Atoll. Go back to the Sergeant Garkor. He wants you to make an alliance between the Karamja Monkeys and Marim Monkeys.

Speak with Kruk , the monkey who shouts to open the gates when you enter in monkey form. He can be found near the gates up the second hill.

To get to him, go just west of the bamboo gate after you have gone through and then follow the path up to a ladder, go up the ladder and across the bridge, then go down the next ladder.

Once there you will find Kruk. Kruk will take you to the Monkey King, Awowogei , and he wants you to bring back a monkey from the Ardougne Zoo.

Talk to a monkey and promise to free it, it will then climb into your backpack. To get out again just revert to normal form and talk to the monkey minders.

If you do that you will no longer have the monkey in your inventory! He will think about the alliance.

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